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Top Tips to get your Car Road Trip Ready

With foreign travel still seeming like a distant hope, more of us than ever will be preparing for road trips around the UK this summer. And the first hints of better weather and the whiff of longer days are allowing us to dare to dream up plans for where we …

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Car demand rise as 1 in 5 people planning to buy cars

Despite the car market having to contend with the loss of the scrappage scheme (proof if proof were needed that even on their last legs the Labour government could still spin with the best of them – imagine if you will a £2000 subsidy ostensibly from the government that actually …

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Considerations When Buying a New Car

When you are looking at financing a new car there are a number of considerations you should take into account before deciding on which path to go down. These factors will include such things as how much do you have available each month, the period over which you’d like to …

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Used Car Shortage Expected On Older Models

The automotive trade bible, Glass’s has warned car dealers to expect a shortage in used cars over the next 12 months and that dealers should be prepared to sell more older cars and ones with above average mileage. They predict that by 2011 there will be about 2 million less …

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Used Car Prices 2010

Analysis over the year to date of the average cost of a used car shows that they are likely to follow the same trends as the last couple of years. While there have been obvious effects from the world economic down turn and the governments austerity measures, the price of …

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