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Stay safe with these autumn driving tips


With increasingly adverse weather conditions and darker afternoons because the clocks have gone back, autumn can be a challenging time on the road for drivers. In fact, an RAC study showed that a fortnight after the clocks go back, there is an annual average increase in car collisions of 5.1% …

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Are you a dipstick when it comes to cars?

Car maintenance

Nearly half of adults are baffled by their cars and have no idea where to put the screen wash, how to pop the bonnet – or even what size engine is under it. A study of 2,000 drivers found 44 per cent find cars ‘confusing’, with three in 10 unaware …

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It’s Tyre Safety Month – have you checked yours?

defective tyre

UK road safety charity TyreSafe is encouraging drivers to get into the routine of checking their tyres regularly as part of its annual Tyre Safety Month campaign. Running throughout October, the event aims to address the issue of more than half of Britain’s motorists driving on poorly maintained or defective …

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Tyre safety takes a back seat

checking tyre pressure

One in 10 UK car drivers have never checked their tyre pressures, according to new research by Hankook Tyres. In addition, one in five only check their tyre pressures every six months, despite the general recommendation that they should be checked every week. The Hankook survey delves into drivers’ awareness …

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Safety Last – Importance Of Regular Vehicle Checks

Last we wrote about the dangers of driving with the incorrect level of insurance cover. It would appear that insurance isn’t the only area motorists are making dangerous mistakes. A recent survey by Manheim auctions has discovered that an alarming one in five motorists never check their brake fluid, one …

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