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Van drivers are still using phones behind the wheel

Texting while driving a van

Fewer than half of van drivers use handsfree or Bluetooth technology while driving and are continuing to risk a £200 fine and six penalty points for making calls on the go. The shocking finding is revealed in a new study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. It shows that the average worker …

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Millions still flouting mobile phone driving law

​Nine million people are refusing to quit using their mobile phones while driving, claims new RAC research. A hard-core of motorists still admit to flouting the law by habitually using their handheld phones while driving despite the fact that penalties for the offence doubled on March 1, 2017. In September …

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Drivers braced for harsher phone penalties

Using a mobile while driving

New punishments due in 2017 will deter 91% of motorists from using mobile phones whilst driving, new research has revealed. An update to the law regarding mobile phone usage whilst driving could see the number of offenders drop dramatically, according to the study by leading vehicle leasing company, Leasing Options. …

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Drivers would back ‘phone blocking’ plan


Most motorists believe the Government should introduce technology to disable certain phone functions for the sake of safety, according to new research. Fitting all cars with some form of blocking device was considered a more effective plan than harsher penalties or more education as road users reveal they cannot resist …

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Are you driven to distraction?

Driver using a mobile phone legally

Motorists put social media addiction before safety, claims new research. A YouGov survey commissioned by legal firm Simpson Millar LLP has found that: 18% of respondents have read a message One in six (17%) have made or accepted a call without a hands free kit 13% have sent a message …

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The Power Of A Tweet

Twitter, as a discussion forum is much discussed. It is both a blessing and a curse as certain political wives have recently discovered. The many millions of people using this popular social device have amongst their number a fair few lame-brained idiots but, for the most part, it’s fun. Now …

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Automotive Industry And The Social Media

If the internet has shown the motor industry one thing, it’s this: once something has become a trend then it is already too late to take any useful advantage from it. To run a successful campaign on the web requires some of that famous blue-sky, left field, off-the-wall thinking much …

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Driving The Ether – Automotive Social Media

Just because you don’t like something or don’t have any interest in it, does that mean you should ignore it and hope it goes away? Ignoring what goes on about you is one thing, but does your ignorance stand in the way of your own betterment? Gosh, after a while …

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Peugeots 107 Experience

Peugeot makes another foray into interactive marketing with the 107 Experience on You Tube. The French car manufacturer are launching a worldwide campaign to reach young people via the internet. They recently launched the campaign, using an 80 gigapixel panoramic map of London users had to search out 3008’s …

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