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Tips for Selling Your First Car Privately

For some people finally saying goodbye and selling your first car can be as daunting as buying your first car. However, this doesn’t need to be the case, and remember most motorists will have to do it one time or another. It used to be hassle to sell your car, …

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Ready For The Close-Up

A few months ago we recommended ways to take better photos; the purpose being that if a picture paints a thousand words then a few quality snaps will improve the chances of shifting your old motor. It still holds true but, in the same way that automotive technology has moved …

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Car Picture Perfect

A picture paints a thousand words. This hackneyed old saying has been around forever yet it remains true, especially when selling a used car. With the rise of the internet as a sales tool buyers want to have a good hard look at a car before they start organising viewing …

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Selling Cars – Part Exchange or We Buy Any Car?

Ok, so the time has come to trade in the wheels, should you try to part exchange the car with the garage/dealership where you want to get its replacement, or should you sell it to one of the online buy-a-banger organisations who claim to take the pain out of selling your …

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