Tuesday , August 4 2020
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Wake up sleepy head: VW to the rescue

VW Touareg_Black_Edition_night vision.jpg (2)

Technology in the latest Volkswagen Touraeg SUV can warn you of hazards ahead at night and wake you up if you fall asleep when behind the wheel. The car’s optional Emergency Assist will detect when a driver is not focused on the road, possibly because they have fallen asleep or …

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Beware The Holes In The Ground

This time though it isn’t potholes under discussion, it is something much bigger and much deeper. Tunnels. These long tubes in the earth can, surprisingly, present serious problems for drivers who are not used to experiencing them. We don’t come across that many in the UK, but they are quite …

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The Risks Of Driving In Winter

Last month, the Highways Agency praised motorists who took extra care when driving on the icy British roads as the snow continued to fall. They also warned that drivers must keep up this effort in order to ensure everyone remains safe on the road. The advice for snowy weather is …

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