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VW Golf GTE plug-in hybrid revealed

Volkswagen Golf GTE plug-in hybrid

Volkswagen has taken the wraps off its new hot hatch hybrid. VW claim the GTE will combine “the benefits of electric mobility with the dynamics of a Golf GTI”. The new Golf is now available in five drive types – petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid and natural gas (not in the …

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New Volkswagen Beetle Shows Its Heritage

Unquestionably, Volkswagen have always made good cars. Even those that were bad were good, if you can understand that. The last Beetle was a case in point. Not a bad car by any means but not great either. A case of form over function, perhaps. The original car has a …

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Small But Spacious

Apparently, at Volkswagen Communications, staff managed to cram 15 women and one man into the new Volkswagen UP! Quite why they would want to do that – although I expect the chap may have enjoyed it – is not clear. I mean, can you imagine the noise? However, it does …

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America or Germany – Just who makes better cars?

Now there is a question? And it is probably one for which there is no definite answer because who gets to define what criteria are used to judge cars against? A German was of course the first person to patent a petrol driven motor car when Karl Benz officially registered …

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10 Top Fuel Saving Tips

With the numbers on petrol price boards across the country edging ever higher, and the proposed fuel duty announcements to be made in the chancellor’s budgets this week, the cost of motoring is at an all-time high. Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM motoring assist have come up with 10 …

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New World Record for Volkswagen Passat

A brand new Volkswagen Passat, fitted with a Bluemotion system has been officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records for travelling the furthest without refuelling. The VW Passat covered a massive 1,527 miles between Maidstone, Kent and the South of France and back to just outside Calais on a …

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Electric Volkswagen Golf

If there is anyone who will take the definitive leap forward in electric technology it will be the Germans, as their sound bite goes “vorsprung durch technik” and they do not usually disappoint. The government is currently subsidising the purchase of new electric cars to the tune of £5,000 but …

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New Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

For many years the Volkswagen Golf has been noted for its award winning design and performance but with the new Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion they can now add the accolade of “What Car” 2010 Green Small Family Car of the Year. For the environmentally concerned family the VW Golf Bluemotion is …

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Volkswagen service – new fixed price scheme

Dealer servicing has always been a critical issue in car maintenance but Vokswagen have set up a new scheme aimed at making it straight forward for customers to have their car maintained at a recognised VW dealer.   The initiative, which is aimed at cars between the ages of three …

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