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Cost of pothole damage rises despite drop in mileage

Road pothole

New research indicates that the impact of the pandemic has resulted in the average driver reducing their mileage by 42% over the last year, yet there has been NO equivalent drop in the pothole damage to the nation’s vehicles. This year’s PIT Report (Pothole Impact Tracker) for Kwik Fit reveals …

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Motorists failing the MOT memory test

MOT testing station

Millions of drivers are at risk of being slapped with a fine, penalty points or even a driving ban for driving a car in a dangerous condition. Kwik Fit, the UK’s leading automotive servicing and repair company, found that over 11.6 million drivers had not taken their car for its …

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UK drivers aiming high with car finance deals

Hyundai North London

  New research has revealed that 4.7 million British motorists are paying for their car on some sort of finance package. According to the study for Kwik Fit, the UK’s leading automotive servicing and repair company, the average monthly payment across the country is £226.12. Finance providers often highlight that …

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True total cost of motoring revealed

Car finance cost

The average UK motorist is spending £162 per month on running their car, or almost £2,000 per year, before they even take into account the cost of the vehicle itself, reveals new research from Kwik Fit. While many drivers buying a new or used car do so on finance and …

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Motorists are smiles better off

Petrol Prices Asda

British motorists are covering 3.8 billion extra miles per year thanks to lower fuel costs. The 20% fall in the price of fuel since January 2014 has left the nation’s drivers much better off, according to the study by Kwik Fit. More than four million drivers say that lower petrol …

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You can’t get fitter than a Kwik Fit fitter?

Fit Kwik

A team of Kwik Fit technicians are trialling a fitness scheme in a London garage which will quite literally help people lose their spare tyres. With the help of a personal trainer, they’ve devised a system – Fit Kwik – using only car and van tyres. The free 30-minute sessions …

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Dangerous tyres warning

Check tyre pressures

More than one in three motorists are driving around on tyres that are so under-inflated, they are classed as ‘dangerous’ or ‘very dangerous’. Two in three cars on the road are running on incorrectly inflated tyres, while 5% of motorists are driving on punctured tyres, according to research from Michelin, …

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Short cut to expensive motoring

Car maintenance

One in five car owners have skipped maintenance or repairs in the last year, according to new research. The study carried out for Kwik Fit also revealed that many of these seven million drivers are well aware that their neglect will prove more costly in the long run. Almost half …

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Garage of mum and dad

Young driver

Three in five parents pay for their children’s motoring, according to a new survey. Parents spend an average of £381 on their child’s motoring, totalling more than £2bn, figures from Kwik Fit reveal. Almost three in five (59%) British parents with children aged 17-25 contribute financially to their child’s motoring …

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