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Dangers of driving with iced-up windscreens

Frosty windscreen - picture courtesy of David Cole

Millions of UK drivers are risking their safety as well as their bank balance by driving with their windscreen iced up in wintry conditions, according to new research. The dark, wet and cold months can be the most treacherous on the road – with motorists more likely to be caught …

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Don’t leave dogs in cars during the heatwave

Dog in a hot car - GEM Motoring Assist

As temperatures soar, road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist has some timely advice for dog owners. GEM’s Neil Worth warns that it’s both dangerous and illegal to leave an animal in a hot vehicle. “If the dog becomes ill or dies, the owner is likely to face a …

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Millions still flouting mobile phone driving law

​Nine million people are refusing to quit using their mobile phones while driving, claims new RAC research. A hard-core of motorists still admit to flouting the law by habitually using their handheld phones while driving despite the fact that penalties for the offence doubled on March 1, 2017. In September …

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Beware: car clocking cases are accelerating

Car clocking on the increase

The number of cars on UK roads showing mileage discrepancies has also risen to one in 16, according to the latest data. hpi, the UK’s leading authority on vehicle checking services, claims the figure has worsened from one in 20 cars less than three years ago. What’s more, it reckons …

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Reckless habits of British drivers revealed

Reckless motorists

One in four motorists admit regularly ‘taking risks’ on the nation’s roads, according to a new study. Researchers found millions of drivers flout laws whilst behind the wheel, with speeding still the most common issue. Almost half of the 2,000 motorists who took part in the study admitted regularly exceeding …

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Under 17s driving illegally?

Driving a car

As many as one in three parents admit to letting their child drive a car before they are the legal age of 17, according to new research. The survey for discount website also indicates that attitudes have seemingly become more relaxed as almost half (47%) the legal driving age …

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Using mobiles while driving rife

Using a mobile while driving

A startling 95% of motorists regularly see other drivers looking at their phones in stationary traffic, claims new research. According to a survey of more than 2,000 drivers carried out by the RAC, illegal mobile phone use is endemic, with 64% of motorists saying that in the last hour they …

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Penalty points – are you telling porkies?

Traffic jam

Millions of drivers are not owning up to driving licence points, new research has revealed. Nearly one in five motorists (18%) would not inform their insurer if they picked up penalty points while driving, according to a study by RAC Insurance. If true, potentially putting nearly seven million drivers are …

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