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Demand for white cars surges


The popularity of white cars continues to grow, outpacing every other colour with more being driven on Britain’s roads now than ever before. Despite this, black is still most most popular car colour overall, according to data seen by RAC Insurance, following a freedom of information request to the DVLA. …

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Fewer uninsured drivers on the road

Car insurance claim - RAC

New data has revealed that there’s been a big drop in the number of people caught driving without insurance. A freedom of information request to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) by RAC Insurance found that 79,713 people were caught breaking the law in this way in 2018. This …

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Penalty points – are you telling porkies?

Traffic jam

Millions of drivers are not owning up to driving licence points, new research has revealed. Nearly one in five motorists (18%) would not inform their insurer if they picked up penalty points while driving, according to a study by RAC Insurance. If true, potentially putting nearly seven million drivers are …

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Britain’s vanishing everyday cars

Austin Ambassador

The Austin Ambassador has become one of the scarcest once-common vehicles in the UK with just 17 still licensed for road use. As recently as 20 years ago there were 5,515 of the distinctive wedge-shaped hatchback on the road, according to analysis of DVLA vehicle data by RAC Cars. Now it heads …

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How to scrap your car

How to scrap a car

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your old car – chances are you’ve been through a lot together – but sometimes there’s no option but to scrap it. Whether the engine’s given up the ghost, it’s failed its MOT or you’re upgrading to a newer model, there are a few things …

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Is Your Driving License Still Valid?

Getting your first driving licence is great. Keeping it in the face of the many traffic laws is also great but, other than that, many drivers understandably don’t really give it a lot of thought. The plastic card part is in the purse or wallet should the need arise but …

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Are UK Motorists Being Spied On?

Here in the UK we take the privacy of our personal data very seriously, which is more than can be said for some private companies or government agencies who either dispense it, for a fee, to people or organisations who say they need it, or, they lose it in parks …

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DfT to slash motoring red tape

The Department for Transport is to slash red tape rules governing the freedom of motorists in the UK, rolling back restrictive policies that have risen in number over the last decade. Statutory Off Road Notifications (SORNs) are coming under fire with the rules set to be relaxed, meaning a SORNed …

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The Importance Of Having The Correct Cover

The results of a poll carried out by GEM motoring assist released today shockingly reveal that one in three UK drivers knows somebody that has either driven, is currently driving or has considered driving without insurance. It appears that the recession may be to blame with an increasing number of …

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