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Young drivers rely on bank of Mum and Dad

Cost of motoring

More than half of parents financially contribute to their child’s first car, new research has revealed. The survey, conducted by, found that a quarter of mums and dads (28%) covered the entire cost – at an average of £3,528. CityAverage amount parents contribute to their child’s first carSheffield £4,544Edinburgh£4,230Birmingham £4,009Newcastle £3,802London£3,779 Help …

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Basic car maintenance defeats most motorists

Car maintenance

Three in four drivers are not confident about performing even the most basic car maintenance, according to a new study. Research by found that 76% of UK drivers admit there are no car maintenance tasks they feel confident conducting themselves Changing a tyre (27%), checking brake level fluid (21%), …

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Why running an EV makes financial sense

Volvo C40 Recharge

The annual running cost of an electric vehicle is now £579 cheaper on average than a petrol-fuelled car., according to new research from What’s more, this difference in cost has increased from last year when EVs were just over £400 cheaper to run. The research, which analyses the price of insurance, fuel, and road …

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EVs are nearly 50% cheaper to run than petrol cars

Hyundai Kona Electric

Electric vehicles are nearly £1,000 cheaper to run than petrol cars over a year, according to new research from The figures show the average cost to run an EV for 12 months is £1,091 compared with £2,062 for a conventional car – a difference of £971. The running costs …

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Vehicle thefts down during the pandemic

Car crime vehicle theft

The total number of stolen vehicles in the UK dropped by nearly 15% in 2020 while many of us were at home and able to watch over our cars due to the pandemic, according to new research. Insurer analysed data from 26 police forces, revealing that 61,743 vehicles were …

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Five filthiest areas of your car’s interior

Gear knob

New research has revealed the parts of cars harbouring disturbing amounts of dirt, with the radio unveiled as the area containing the most bacteria. A car stereo can be nearly four times (371%) dirtier than a toilet seat, closely followed by the gear stick (331%), claims the study. In the …

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Best 10 new cars for new drivers 2019

new driver, comparethemarket

Buying your first car is one of the rites of passage to freedom. Once you’ve got your driving test out of the way, you’ll need your own set of wheels. Choosing the right first car can be as daunting as it is exciting because there are so many cars to …

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Bad habits develop ‘two weeks after passing driving test’

Driving a car

Motorists begin driving without a seatbelt just two weeks after passing their test, according to new research by commissioned by Furthermore, after three weeks they are tailgating and even illegally using their phone to text when driving. The study, timed ahead of the new driving test from December 4, …

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Million motorists haven’t driven since passing test

New driver

Nearly one million licence holders in Britain haven’t driven since passing their test, new research has revealed. A poll conducted by also found that one in 10 of all licence-holders in Britain haven’t driven in the past year – with a crisis of confidence and financial barriers stopping them …

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