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Best Used Car Buys

In these difficult financial times it’s sometimes hard to get an accurate picture of how the new and used car market is doing. Different areas and different markets report different things, well, differently – if you see what I mean. Sellers of new cars will, of course, be talking up …

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10 Top Tips For Buying Cars At Auction

Cars are placed into auction for a number of reasons. Many come from dealerships because they have high mileage, are too old, are the wrong brand or have simply been on the forecourt too long. Ex company fleet cars are usually auctioned they generally have high mileage but the plus …

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Used Car Prices 2010

Analysis over the year to date of the average cost of a used car shows that they are likely to follow the same trends as the last couple of years. While there have been obvious effects from the world economic down turn and the governments austerity measures, the price of …

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Top Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying used cars can be a risky business at the best of times, so aside from kicking the four tyres and bouncing the bonnet, what other things should you look out for?  To start with, be certain that you have budgeted properly for the car in the first place. Don’t forget all …

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