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Pothole Disgrace

Despite all the usual rhetoric from government sources about how they are going to do this and that, Britain’s pothole strewn roads continue to leave motorists with an annual bill of £1.2 billion for suspension, steering and wheel repairs – a rise of 16% in just twelve months. With heavy …

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Beware The Holes In The Ground

This time though it isn’t potholes under discussion, it is something much bigger and much deeper. Tunnels. These long tubes in the earth can, surprisingly, present serious problems for drivers who are not used to experiencing them. We don’t come across that many in the UK, but they are quite …

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Driving Back The Years

According to yet another one of those endless motoring surveys there are now more than seven million drivers over the age of sixty-five on the Britain’s roads. The number of drivers over the current pensionable age had reached 7,191,192 by November last year. This makes up nineteen per cent of …

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New Year, New Driving Style

It’s easy to become complacent about driving skills. Many of us go for years without experiencing any close calls or near misses. As a result is it possible to become too relaxed about the business of driving. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to look at ways to improve our driving for …

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Assault On Battery

Apparently, these first few weeks after the seasonal break are also some of the busiest weeks of the year for roadside assistance; and it seems that it is battery problems that account for more than half of all its call-outs. Holidays are over and tens of thousands of drivers will …

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Finding Your Perfect Used Audi A8

Audi A8

The first generation of Audi A8s were introduced in 1994, and the car has continued to be one of the most popular luxury cars on the market. Audi is renowned for its high-quality, reliable cars, and the A8 has consistently been considered one of their best models. It is a …

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When There’s Stormy Weather, Take Extra Care

Following our recent bout of severe weather and very strong winds it doesn’t hurt to think about the best driving techniques to cope with the conditions should we be caught out. Strong winds can certainly unsettle your car and even change your direction of travel. This is especially true for …

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Pants On Fire – Human Risks Of Buying A Used Car

Most people are basically honest but sometimes certain sectors of society may try to pull the wool over our eyes. Being aware of the sort of unconscious tics that are give-aways when someone is telling porkies. Such gestures as nose touching, mouth covering, fidgeting and throat clearing are all well …

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Track That Car!

Although, generally we love our cars, we are also guilty of taking them for granted like a neglected spouse. It’s only when they are taken from us by someone else – like a neglected spouse – do we remember how attached we were to the vehicle and how devastated we …

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