Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Do Personalised Number Plates Impact Your Car Insurance?

Have you observed the hype around having a private plate number? Maybe you are considering getting one for yourself when the question pops up on how it could affect your insurance premium, suddenly you realize that you have no answers, simply because you just don’t know.  Having a private number …

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How to Quickly Add Value to Your Car

If you are thinking about building assets, or replacing your car, it is important that you don’t just preserve its value, but also increase it. Owning an older car is not necessarily bad; if you are still getting out a decent mileage of the engine, it might be a perfect …

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A guide to scrapping your car

As the world has become more aware of the increasing harm old cars are having on the environment (especially diesel) road tax has risen for these vehicles making them less and less worthy when it comes to selling on. In the current market, if you’re scrapping a car over 10 …

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Things to consider when choosing a car dealership

Buying a new Hyundai

  As consumers, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a car. For every person who wants to get a brand new vehicle, there are at least three different dealerships within a mile of each other. This makes picking the right one for your needs sometimes a bit …

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Insurance costs to be affected by Ford’s new technology?

Ford, giving new direction to those who want to drive safely, has revealed one of the biggest new innovations in safe driving. This new Obstacle avoidance system, currently being tested in Germany, will take over the steering wheel automatically in order to avoid a collision that is detected via 3 …

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Volvo C30 – The Journey

It’s true, the last Volvo C30 has come off the production line. Join Automotive Blog team to say farewell to the much loved Volvo C30 and take a look back on its journey and success. Volvo C30 will certainly be remembered as one of the most striking designs (and most …

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Motor Industry In A State Of Flux

2012 was a very strange year for the motor industry. Some car makers did well whilst others languished at the back of the pack. The results of the overall figures for the year are surprising. Astonishingly, sales of new cars were actually up by five percent over the previous year …

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