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Basic car maintenance defeats most motorists

Car maintenance

Three in four drivers are not confident about performing even the most basic car maintenance, according to a new study.

Research by found that 76% of UK drivers admit there are no car maintenance tasks they feel confident conducting themselves

Changing a tyre (27%), checking brake level fluid (21%), and changing oil (24%) are the car maintenance tasks Brits feel the least confident performing themselves

RankTaskPercentage Number of UK drivers who don’t feel confident carrying out the task 
1Changing a tyre27%11,392,317
2Oil change24%10,131,507
3Checking brake fluid levels22%8,993,503
4Checking tyre tread depth13%5,440,312
5Changing your windshield wipers12%5,264,290

Read the full study, including tips from mechanics on how to avoid being overcharged for a car maintenance service.

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