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Introducing the portable electric vehicle charger

ZipCharge Go electric vehicle power bank

ZipCharge, the portable EV charging experts, is stepping up plans to mass produce its first product – a revolutionary portable EV charger that allows anyone to charge their electric vehicles anywhere they park.

The appointment of global growth and investment specialists, Mouve and Co, is a major milestone towards ZipCharge’s mission to democratise the ownership of electric vehicles.

Mouve and Co is a renowned leader in advising rapidly growing start-ups in the sustainability and mobility sectors.

The lightweight ZipCharge Go power bank is the size of a compact wheeled suitcase and it can be charged at home or elsewhere using a standard domestic plug.

Using the retractable handle, users then wheel it to wherever they’ve parked their EV and plug it into the charging port, providing up to 20 miles of range (sufficient range for the average daily commute) in a little over 30 minutes.

ZipCharge Go electric vehicle power bank

Like Peloton and other hardware pioneers, ZipCharge will offer its hardware-as-a-service. Chargers will be available to purchase outright or on subscription for as little as £49 a month.

“Our mission it to make EV ownership accessible for all, removing all barriers for owners transitioning to electric vehicles,” said Jonathan Carrier, ZipCharge co-founder.

“This appointment is a key component of ZipCharge’s growth strategy as we rapidly move towards the on-sale date of the game-changing Go portable charger.

“It also boosts our ambitious plans to develop new products that will help transform the EV ecosystem, making electric vehicle ownership a possibility for everyone.”

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