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Pandemic leads to cleaner cars


Almost half of motorists are cleaning their cars more thoroughly since Covid-19, new research suggests.

Asda Money surveyed 2,000 UK car owners to better understand if the importance of cleanliness due to the pandemic has reached our cars, and it was very revealing.

Since Coronavrius struck early in 2020, almost half (45%) of UK car owners are cleaning their cars more thoroughly, with 46% spending up to an hour on the job.

Young drivers (17-24 year olds) are more concerned about this, with two thirds (66%) of them making sure they clean their car more thoroughly due to Covid.

More than two thirds of drivers get stuck in and clean their cars themselves, whilst a quarter (26%) pay a professional.

It was also revealed almost a fifth (18%) of women ask a friend or family member to clean their car for them instead of doing it themselves.

Men spend more than women on getting their car cleaned, with 41% spending up to £20 per month.

Manchester topped the table owning the cleanest cars, with almost a quarter (24%) of Mancunians cleaning their cars once a week. And Porsche owners are the cleanliest drivers, with two thirds (67%) making sure they do the same.

“The pandemic has impacted us all in so many ways,” said Alistair Ball, Head of Insurance at Asda Money.

“Our way of life has been altered in order to stop the spread of the virus, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness is encouraged to help do this.”

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