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What Are The Best Car Diagnostic Tools?

Are you looking to avoid costly trips to the car mechanics? Then a car diagnostic tool could be exactly what you need in your tool box. These amazing electronic devices are now making car ownership more affordable than ever by allowing car owners to tinker with their vehicles without the need to visit a mechanic to find out what’s going wrong in the first place.

Unfortunately for the everyday car owner, the days of lifting the bonnet and tinkering with the engine are gone. Cars have become so advanced that many now require a diagnostic system in order to detect where and what the problem is. For many years, car owners have been forced to head to their local mechanics where the vast majority are charging through the roof to simply hook a car up to their system to find out what’s wrong. That’s before taking into account the cost of parts to repair and of course, labour. 

By purchasing a car diagnostic tool however, you cut out the need to visit the mechanics in the first place and instead give yourself the ability to diagnose the issue with your car. Not only does this save many people money from unscrupulous mechanics who decide to add on a few supposed problem complications to bump up your end bill, but it also gives those with the knowledge the ability to deal with and fix smaller issues that they feel confident in dealing with. 

Information Is Power

With a car diagnostic tool in your kit, you have the power to diagnose your own car which puts you in control. Whether you wish to repair the damage yourself is irrelevant as the very basic advantage is that you can walk into a mechanic and know what’s going on before they do. Purchasing a car diagnostic tool is nothing short of a smart move but the question is, which are the best tools out there to add to your ancillary? Thankfully, we’ve listed a handful of must-have tools for you to choose from to make your life easier, starting with the incredible iCarsoft CR Pro…

iCarsoft CR Pro – Universal Professional Diagnostic Tool 2020

With five star ratings on Trustpilot, the iCarsoft CR Pro, at £246, is one of the most powerful vehicle fault diagnostic tools out there. It offers a 4 inch display as well as unique diagnostic software. Compatible with a vast amount of vehicle brands, this diagnostic tool will allow you to check and diagnose very complex problems from the engine to ABS, SRS to transmission and much much more.

Nexas NEXLINK NL102 PLUS – Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool With DPF & Service Reset

If you’re looking for a tool that caters more toward the commercial vehicle then the Nexas NEXLINK NL102 PLUS, a 5 star rated diagnostic tool, is for you. Priced at just £139.99, this truck scan tool will cover you for both cars and trucks. Not only will it diagnose a whole host of problems in three different languages but it will also help erase fault codes, retrieve vehicle info and even contain standard truck protocol.

TopDon TD309 Code Reader

If you’re looking for something a little more basic but equally as handy, the TopDon TD309 Code Reader is a great little device for your tool kit. With comprehensive vehicle coverage, this awesome little code reader priced at just £18.38 has the ability to turn ‘check engine’ lights and more while also retrieving a plethora of codes, allowing you to get to the very basics of what’s going on under the hood. It’s super easy to use and very affordable too.

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