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How to choose a new skip loader

No matter what type of vehicle you are considering purchasing there will always be questions that you need to ask in order to help you make the most appropriate decision. This is certainly true when looking to choose a new skip loader, where making the right choice could make all the difference to your safety and the safety of those around you. More and more operators are finding that they need to work in conditions that are increasingly challenging, such as an upsurge in the number of narrow urban streets and those streets with more parked traffic.

Here are some of the things you should be considering whether you are looking at skip lorry hire or purchase:


Payload means profit and the more that you can haul on each trip the better so you should consider whether the skip loader offers you the highest possible payload or not. There are a lot of elements involved in allowing a higher payload, streamlined design, enhanced cylinders etc. and the base weight is a critical factor in any decision that you make. A lighter load will increase the legal payload that you can haul, but it needs to be constructed of a high-strength metal in order to handle any load.

Negotiating obstacles

On occasion you may find you are not able to get close to the skip due to obstacles, you may need to wok from an unaligned angle. Some skip loaders have arms that have been specially designed to assist you in these conditions whilst others cannot without putting safety and stability at risk.


Skiploaders have a number of different control systems ranging from pneumatic manual hand controls; the tried and trusted control system, to state of the art Programmable logic Controls (PLC) Smart controls are not just technology they are about thinking ahead so it can be a good idea to ensure that your skip loader has the flexibility to be retrofitted easily.


When it comes to skip loaders, you should never underestimate safety. You need to look for a skip loader that has the appropriate critical safety elements in place – hydraulic side stops, precise controls combined with safety interlocks, hydraulic container locks, and smart alarms to alert you before any issues occur.

Load cover

You may want to consider what options are available to you for covering your load. This can usually be done either with a tarp, rope, and chains manually or with an automatic system that will save your back and of course take less time. If you are looking at automatic systems, consider features such as bolt-on interfaces and the option to operate them safely using radio controls.


It goes without saying that for a skip loader wear and tear is pretty much inevitable. There are, however, certain paint technologies and procedures that look better and last longer than others. If your skip loader is promoting your brand, then this is something you will want to consider. Pre-painting of some of the components, as well as zinc prier on the main framework, can be good ways of ensuring that the quality and finish that you get is long-lasting and high quality.

Smart features

Newer skip loaders are ground-breaking, they have simple to operate technologies that are powerful and can boost business. These might include onboard weighing systems that are dynamic and can assist you when it comes to achieving a maximum load with no risk of going over. These features can make life just that little bit easier and of course, safer.

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