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Van drivers’ Top 10 gripes

From not being let out into traffic to small parking spaces, van drivers have revealed their biggest annoyances in a new study.

In the research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles of 1,000 UK van drivers, the top bugbear was not being left enough space on tight roads when driving to work.

Drivers leaving small parking spaces or narrow bays in car parks ranked second alongside not being let out into traffic.

“Following a few months where many van drivers and key workers have had the roads almost to themselves when carrying out their vital work, it seems a fitting time to remind all road users to drive considerately and help each other out,” said Head of Fleet at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Claire English.

“Some situations are of course unavoidable, but this survey reveals the most common mistakes and habits that can cause difficulties and in some cases distress on the roads.”

Top 10 biggest annoyances revealed by van drivers

  1. Not being left enough space to get through tight roads, 31%
  2. Small parking spaces, 30%
  3. Not being let out into traffic, 30%
  4. Cyclists coming up alongside a van at a junction, 26%
  5. Being cut up at roundabouts, 26%
  6. Drivers sitting in your blind spot, 23%
  7. Tailgating, 23%
  8. Getting trapped in yellow boxes by cars braking in front of you, 21%
  9. No annoyances, 11%
  10. Other, 1%

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