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Bennetts Track Days Unveil New Membership Experience

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Well-known company Bennetts have unveiled a new experience available to its members. The company has put forward a series of benefits which will culminate in an incredible track day, designed to give people a basic grounding and driving round the course, as well as the chance to meet a legendary figure in the TT circuit. 

What’s On Offer?

If you are someone with a membership pass, then you can participate in the track day at any of three locations on offer, which are Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park and Oulton Park. 

The experience has been designed to help people get accustomed to life on the track. There will be 7 20-minute sessions throughout the day, which will give you exactly all of the experience that you need to learn how to properly navigate around the track.

In addition to this, there is the possibility of getting one-to-one coaching on the track, as well as the chance to meet the TT legend John McGuinness, plus you can even buy leather equipment and helmets for your experience, and also get free pictures, taken around the day. A team of instructors will be on hand all day to make sure that people can safely and sensibly navigate the courses, and get the help they need. 

As someone who is a car enthusiast, or a motoring enthusiastic general, this may well be fascinating people to go and check out. It’s a fun, fast paced, thrilling experience that will help people to get access to the best possible options out on the track, and experience what it’s like to drive a vehicle at high octane speeds. It’s definitely something that people could be interested in, especially if they fancy getting behind the wheel of a proper vehicle.

How to Sign Up 

Signing up is very easy if you’re a member of the community. Bennetts track days cost £99 and are exclusive to Bennettsrewards members. Non-members can purchase a Bennetts Rewards membership for £36.

In conclusion, this is definitely something that you should check out, because there are quite a few different enjoyable facets to an experience like this. Being able to meet a legend and get out on the track is definitely a good idea, and it will be exciting to see just how well this is received.

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