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5 Great Aftermarket Upgrades for Your Ford Ranger

If you’re looking to spruce up your Ford Ranger, you’re in luck. It is one of the most popular options in the pickup market so it makes sense that there are so many Ford Ranger upgrades for you to make. Check out these five aftermarket upgrades that we thought were fantastic.

ECU Remapping

If you’re Ranger is performing sluggishly when you’re towing equipment or driving off road, an ECU remapper can help to boost your engine’s power and fuel efficiency. By re-calibrating your engine you can get the optimum performance from your Ranger.

New Turbo Exhaust

Changing out your Ranger’s standard factory exhaust can unleash the full power of your ride. If you’re looking for that rugged roar from your engine, upgrading from the restrictive factory build to a turbo exhaust will release the beast and give you a boost in horsepower.

Lift Your Suspension

Don’t keep bottoming out your Ranger every time you load your bed up with something heavy. Upgrading to a lifted suspension kit will give you better clearance and make for a more comfortable ride whenever you go off road. Look for a suspension kit with quality shock absorbers.

Add a Bull Bar

If you’re regularly riding off road or through the bush, upgrading the front of your Ranger with a bull bar is a wise choice. A bull bar will add much needed protection to keep you, you passengers, and your truck safe from damage should you hit a kangaroo jumping across the path.

Rock Slider Protection

If you’re driving off road, adding Ford Ranger rock sliders will protect the sides of your vehicle from kicked up stones, stumps, or sticks. Don’t bang up the underside of your truck when you can easily attach a rock slider.

Upgrade Today!

For all your aftermarket needs, check out your local performance parts specialist today. Most local authorised parts dealers have got all your bull bars, rock sliders, exhausts, and more. Give them a call or visit their online store. They can make upgrading your Ford Ranger easy and affordable. Get your truck in the shop today!

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