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Everything to Love About the Ferrari 488

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Ferrari as a brand is synonymous with more than just quality and style. Ferrari is a philosophy; a passion for speed, agility and allure that goes all the way back to 1929 and the start of the Ferrari racing tradition. The Ferrari 488 embodies these qualities so perfectly, whether in the form of the GTB, Cabrio or Spider models.

First, we love the key stats

The 488 is powered by a turbocharged V8 engine delivering a whopping 670hp and 560lb-ft of torque. It’ll get you from 0 to 60 in an eye-watering 3 seconds flat. These numbers are impressive, but they are just the beginning of everything to love about the Ferrari 488.

Second, we love the design and build

Take the 488 Spider, for example, with its flowing, aerodynamic lines, irresistible power and appeal in any color — red, blue, yellow, white and others. The design is that of a compact car with a racing soul, of course, but you’ll be surprised at the extras that are built in for your convenience and pleasure. There’s excellent trunk space in the front; way more than you’d think. Furthermore, the hard-top folds nearly down into the back at the touch of a button to make it an open-air experience.

Third, we love its racing spirit

All Ferraris are racers at heart. Nowhere is this better reflected in the 488 than in the design of its steering wheel. The innovative design takes “multi-function” to a whole new level. Almost everything you need is built right into the wheel, just as you’d expect from a professional racing outfit. From your steering wheel, you can control the driving mode, suspension settings, turn signals, wipers, engine start/stop and much more.

Beyond the wheel, there’s also a separate screen by the instrument cluster that feeds you information like your turbo status, current lap time and the state of your vehicle dynamics. You can even use the pit speed regulator to set a max speed for when you’re entering a pit stop so you don’t violate speeding regulations. No other car embodies the racing nature as fully and comprehensively as Ferrari.

Fourth, we love the additional drive features

You may want to race your Ferrari, but you equally may just drive it on the road. The 488 comes with great additional features that enhance its use in a more everyday setting. First of all, the handling and the gear shifting are likely the most astounding of any car you’ll drive. The car handles like a dream, with easy cornering and consistent stable performance enhanced by the low center of gravity. You feel confident, powerful and unstoppable when you’re driving the 488

It also comes with innovations like the front-axle raise feature, which at the push of a button will raise the front axle, giving you more ground clearance to get over speed bumps and other obstacles without damaging your bumper. This is a prestige car, we can’t let something so mundane as a speed bump get in our way.

The Ferrari 488 – the dream awaits

This dream car will take your driving experience to dizzying new heights. An incredible machine with the heart and soul of a racer, but the cutting-edge additions of a company on the frontline of prestige supercar development.

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