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SsangYong Turismo Review – A practical choice that Northern Ireland drivers love

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If you’re the type of driver that likes getting a lot of car for your money, then the SsangYong Turismo is your kind of car.

When we say a lot of car, we mean a lot. The Turismo will comfortably seat seven adults plus luggage. Indeed, some reviewers have even poetically described this vehicle as cavernous! The stats give you a more scientific picture and if you check out the facts and figures they’ll tell you that this model is 5.13 metres in length. In other words, when you drive the Turismo you get excellent presence on the road. This means that you won’t ever feel squeezed or stressed when driving near buses, big lorries or vans – a very reassuring quality to have on the UK’s roads.

A top South Korean brand

If you’re not familiar with the SsangYong brand yet, it’s actually a manufacturer based in South Korea. An increasingly popular car maker in the UK today, it offers an excellent range of vehicles with value that’s incredibly hard to beat. In fact, the top model in the Turismo range is called the Turismo ELX and offers selectable 4×4 capability for a nice bit of off-roading. (Or just for those snowy days that bring most of the country to a standstill!)

What do the drivers say?

The marketing literature for the SsangYong Turismo classifies this car as a multi-role vehicle that works for either leisure or business. What that means in everyday language is that this is a great family car but that it can also double as a workhorse if you have, say, stock to move or customers to transport. It even comes with an impressive seven-year warranty! A brief search online will reveal that real drivers – the voices you actually want to listen to and put your trust in, give some very positive comments on the Turismo. Whether it’s used for towing a caravan, carrying a wheelchair or bringing flat pack furniture back from Ikea, the Turismo gets 5-star ratings and a lot of high recommendations.

Excellent value whether new or used

It’s great to see that there are plenty of used Turismos on the market at the moment too. So, if the amazing value of the new car still isn’t enough of a bargain for you then a used model is the way to go. The Turismo looks particularly good in the crisp white colour option that you see in all the publicity shots – technically known as “Grand White”. However, it looks equally smart in “Space Black” too. Oh, and there’s also a colour option called “Wine Black” available. (It’s a confusing name for a colour as wine isn’t generally black, but this option is really the colour of a nice glass of red – the kind that has body and is recommended to go with big meaty flavours!)

The final word…

All in all, the SsangYong Turismo is a very appealing package. It offers masses of space, a practical set-up, a strong presence on the road and, the best thing of all, excellent value for UK drivers.

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