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Car confessions: Top 10 driving misdemeanours revealed

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More than two thirds of UK drivers admit to breaking the law on a regular basis, claims new research.

Many do so without even realising they’re guilty of driving offences, according to the study conducted by UK-based personal car leasing specialists ZenAuto.

For instance, more than half of Brits admitted to playing excessively loud music during their car journey, a misdemeanour that could land you with a verbal warning or even the removal of your car should you fail to comply with the law.

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Almost half (48.8%) shared that they regularly eat at the wheel, and a further 40% stated that they will frequently drink non-alcoholic beverages when in control of a vehicle.

Another UK law, which may catch drivers out, is the prohibited use of a mobile phone to pay for goods when using a drive thru. It may seem like an easy way to pay, however, using Apple Pay or similar in place of tapping your debit card could land you with up to six points and £1,000 if your case went to court, and around £200 even if it doesn’t.

“As our research shows, many British drivers admit to breaking a law or two at some point during their time on the road, however, intentional or not, it’s more than just the points or fine that you could be landed with,” said Vicky Kerridge of ZenAuto.

Top 10 driving offences committed by Brits

1. Playing excessively loud music
2. Eating at the wheel
3. Drinking non-alcoholic beverages at the wheel
4. Parking on the kerb/pavement
5. Driving faster than the permitted speed
6. Driving knowingly over the drink drive limit (even by a minor amount)
7. Driving with snow on the roof
8. Flashing to warn other drivers of speed traps/police presence
9. Using your phone for satnav in an unfixed position
10. Furious driving (swearing or gesturing)

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