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6 Benefits of the electric car

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As the effects of climate change continue to make a presence in everyday life, there are a number of eco-friendly products being bought onto the market that can help to reduce your carbon footprint – and electric cars are no different. Here, we are going to look at six of the main benefits of electric cars and why they are good for you.

No Carbon Emissions

With a number of cars costing a small fortune, unsecured bad credit loans may seem tempting to cover the costs. However, these are for financial emergencies only so you may want to consider alternative funding to cover these costs. But one of the biggest benefits of an electric car is the lack of carbon emissions; not only will this help to reduce your carbon footprint in the long term, but it also helps to reduce your tax substantially. This will help you in major cities, such as London, that are actively working to decrease the number of emissions that are being generated.

Faster Acceleration

Yet another benefit to electric cars is the increased response time that you gain, which in turn, gives you much faster acceleration. This is better for those that love all things speed as it allows you to benefit when on a track, whilst cruising comfortably whilst doing the speed limit.  This is also good for the sake of the drive as the overall feel of the ride is much smoother – this is because there is a large amount of tech helping to balance out the power to each wheel. This is beneficial as it ensures that the power is distributed evenly.

Saves You Money

In addition to this, it also saves you money in the long term as you will not need to budget for fuel. This is highly beneficial to you as your vehicle can be charged at home and each charge lasts significantly longer. Without spending money on fuel, you can save yourself over £100 per month, allowing you to spend this money elsewhere despite it being a slightly more expensive initial investment.

Recharges With Ease

Charging your car is simple, not only can you charge this with a plug at your home, but there are a number of plugs in supermarkets up and down the country for you to charge your car quickly as you shop. Each car comes equipped with a plug where the fuel cap would normally be. Although it can be difficult to locate a plug depending on where you live, and the mileage is excellent, meaning that you will not need to keep topping up the charge as you go.

Tax Incentives

If you are still unsure whether an electric car is a beneficial choice for you then there are also tax incentives given by the government to encourage you to buy an electric car. This incentive will take a certain amount off of the upfront cost for your electric car, making it much more affordable. Although this does differ depending on the location that you are in and the overall cost of the electric vehicle, this is a major incentive to encourage those that wish to opt for an electric vehicle.


The final benefit of an electric car is the safety of the vehicle. Not only does it have great stopping speeds, but they also have the technology to help you keep a safe distance from the car in front. In addition to the additional safety features provided by the technology, there is also increased safety due to the lack of an engine. This is important as engines use combustion to burn fuel which can go wrong and cause the car to break down or catch fire. However, when driving an electric car, there is no combustion engine, which means that there is a reduced risk of breakdowns or damage to any of the engine components.

Regardless of whether you are looking to opt for a fully electric car or maybe even a hybrid for the best of both, there are a number of benefits that come along with having an electric car for your daily commute.

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