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How To Bolster Your Vehicle Security With Car Trackers

Vehicle theft costs the UK billions of pounds every year. Modern-day vehicles come equipped with multiple built-in security measures, but adept criminals work their way around these defenses easily with the use of modern tools and experience. With the ongoing keyless crime wave, owners of newer vehicles have already been worried that their vehicle might be the target of a relay theft. To make things worse, the ever-increasing rise in the number of overall vehicle theft in the last few years forced vehicle owners to resort to alternative solutions to bolster the security of their vehicles. For this very reason, almost every car owner enhance their vehicle’s security by adding a car tracking device to their arsenal.

Car theft rates have risen by a record 56% in the last year. According to ONS, over 85.000 cars were stolen in 2017, up from 56.000 the previous year. The growing issue of keyless theft contributed to most of these crimes, but it doesn’t change the fact that vehicles aren’t as secure as we might think. Theft attempts have also increased from 153.000 to 196.000 last year according to England and Wales police records. However, car owners aren’t completely helpless against these prolific criminals. Drivers can enlist the help of vehicle tracking devices and use their theft prevention and recovery mechanics to protect their vehicles.

With the latest innovations in the field of GPS and improvements made by the tech companies, car tracking systems transformed into one of the most sophisticated security systems on the market. Simply by installing a car tracking device, drivers significantly reduce the chances of a vehicle being stolen by using the effective tools offered by GPS technology. Car tracking technology allows vehicles to be tracked anywhere even if they are hidden away in a remote location. Prominent features like geofence zones, sensors and live tracking ensure that no one can so much as move a vehicle without sending multiple alerts to the vehicle owners.

According to experts, vehicle thefts occur when they are most vulnerable; parked for the night in a driveway or a garage with no supervision. First order of business for car owners is to place security measures to prevent any theft attempts when a car is parked for extended periods of time. Office parking lots, driveways and garages are the most likely places thieves attempt to make a move against a vehicle. Geofence zones are an excellent way to provide additional security for vehicles when they are stationary. People with access to the tracking device can create virtual perimeters around the regular locations they park their vehicle and configure the tracking device to send notifications in case of any breach. Once set up and activated, the car tracker sends an alert every time it enters or leaves one of the preset zones and allow the car owners to focus on their daily tasks knowing their vehicle is within a safe area. If a vehicle is moved outside a geofence zone without its owner’s authorization, they will be immediately notified. Geo-fence zones allow the driver to take action and call the police for a quick recovery.

Car thieves are organized people, and they usually belong to gangs or crime groups. When these criminals target a vehicle and steal it, they immediately move it outside the country or send it to a body shop to dismantle it. That is why car owners have to respond to theft attempts in a timely manner. If they wait too long or try to apprehend the perpetrators themselves, they might never see their vehicle again or end up getting hurt. With the help of a mobile device or a computer, car owners can pinpoint the exact location of their vehicle within seconds, inform the police and have them recover their vehicle safe and sound. It is essential to have a backup plan in case of a theft situation in today’s world because you can be the victim of a theft attempt at any given time.

As a side bonus, car GPS tracking devices can improve the safety of drivers on top of bolstering the security of vehicles. Worried parents or family members can track the driving habits of a novice driver who just got their driver’s license. Family members with access to the tracking device can set speed limits and geofence zones to be alerted about their location and reckless driving behavior. By monitoring their driving habits, families can help their teenage children and family members to become better drivers and encourage them to follow the traffic rules. Additionally, features like route history and service alerts can be used to plan for shorter daily commute routes and allow the owners to take their cars in for service at the right time.

When a car is stolen, the odds retrieving it back is usually pretty slim. Car thieves have so much experience these days; these criminals can breeze through traditional security measures like kill switches, car alarms and steering wheel locks. However, a hidden car tracking device can dramatically increase the changes the safe return of a vehicle. With the ability to locate your car on-demand at your disposal, you can make sure your vehicle stays safe against all threats. No other protection system can give the peace of mind and top-notch security the car tracking devices provide for car owners.


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