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We’re a nation of backseat drivers

in-car arguments

Arguments over speeding are the biggest cause of in-car bickering between couples, according to new research.

The poll for online motor retail specialist found that complaints about speeding were followed by braking too late and too hard, and taking unnecessary risks.

Other frequent causes of irritation for passengers are driving too cautiously or slowly, poor lane discipline and failing to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

The study also revealed that while less than one in 10 people under the age of 34 report their partner indulging in back-seat driving, more than a third of drivers over 55 criticise their other half’s handling of the car.

“Based on our sample of nearly 1,200 drivers it seems we are a nation of nervous and critical motorists and passengers,” said Austin Collins, Managing Director of

“It also seems that we become grumpier with our partner’s driving the older we get, with less than one in ten motorists under 34 reporting disagreements over driving style but more than one in three among those aged 55 or over.

“From the comments we received it’s fair to say that every kind of driving style, from fast and aggressive to thoughtful and careful comes in for criticism from the passenger, so taking a car journey together looks like a no-win for a lot of couples.”

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