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Most expensive UK cities for car repairs

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New research looking at the most expensive average price of car repairs in the country’s 20 biggest cities has revealed that London DOES NOT top the league.

Coventry is the holder of the dubious title thanks to an average cost of £290.52, while the average for the UK as a whole is £224.87.

The data has been gathered by car servicing and repair comparison site Whocanfixmycar.com, which studied more than 320,000 quotes from garages.

Top five most expensive cities to get your car repaired:

Coventry – £290.52
Bradford – £284.13
Sheffield – £259.89
London – £250.71
(Joint 5th) Bristol & Brighton – £246.50

Top five cheapest cities to get your car repaired:

Glasgow – £176.27
Birmingham – £183.90
(Joint 3rd) Liverpool & Edinburgh – £195.87
Leeds – £196.94
Leicester – £202.64

“We wanted to look at our data to give the UK an idea of the differences there are from city to city,” said Louis Butcher of WhoCanFixMyCar.com.

“It’s actually very interesting to see that some cities have over £100 in difference of costs, with some of those cities being located so close to one another. New non-Gamstop Casinos https://casinos-not-on-gamstop.com , play in UK!

“It’s very interesting also that we see no trend by region either, with prices varying from city to city.

“The clearest indications of this are Coventry (£290.52) and Birmingham (£183.90), which are only located 20 miles away from each, and Bradford (£284.13) and Leeds (£196.94), which are only 10 miles away from each other, yet are vastly different in servicing and repairs averages.”

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