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SEAT 600 celebrates its 60th birthday

Seat 600's 60th birthday

Spanish car brand SEAT has set a new Guinness World Record with the largest gathering of SEAT 600s ever.

A total of 787 SEAT 600s (nicknamed “pelotillas”) came together at Montmeló the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

The little SEAT 600 was manufactured between 1957-1973 and was a Spanish motoring icon.

Cute and affordable, and built under licence from FIAT, almost one in every four cars on Spanish roads in 1970 was a 600. In all, 800,000 600s were produced during its 16-year lifespan.

600 SEAT 600s

“The 600 is a deeply-rooted part of Spain’s history, a vehicle that provided the impetus for the country’s motorisation during an important period of development,” said SEAT Chairman, Luca de Meo.

“With its manufacture, SEAT became one of the cornerstones of Spanish industry, as it is today.”

Mikel Palomera, CEO of SEAT Spain and a 600 owner himself, added: “For the people of Spain, the 600 is the car that brought families and towns closer together and provided mobility for many who, for
the first time ever, were now able to travel around at their leisure.

“I am here among friends and other enthusiasts with my own 600 to enjoy this great tribute to the car that put Spain on wheels.”

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