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Honda tops servicing satisfaction survey

Car servicing satisfaction

Japanese and Korean car brands dominate the servicing satisfaction rankings for both newer and older cars, with Honda taking the No 1 spot, according to a new survey.

The research by What Car? shows Honda enjoying an overall satisfaction rate of 91.2%, while fellow Japanese brands Lexus, Subaru and Toyota all joined it in the Top 10.

Korean car makers Hyundai, Kia and Ssangyong also performed well, while Renault’s budget brand Dacia, British prestige car maker Jaguar and Chinese-owned MG completed the Top 10.

Ranking Brand Overall satisfaction rating
1 Honda 91.2%
2 MG 90.9%
3 Lexus 90.2%
4 Hyundai 89.9%
5 Dacia 89.5%
6 Ssangyong 89.4%
7 Subaru 89.3%
8 Kia 88.9%
9 = Jaguar 88.8%
9 = Toyota 88.8%

The survey also looked at independent garages servicing all ages of car, with Hyundai, Chevrolet and MG specialists ranking highest, gaining overall satisfaction rates of 95.5%, 95.4% and 95.0% respectively.

“Getting your car serviced can be a stressful time, depending on the level of customer service you receive, the quality of the work carried out and, of course, how much of a dent it makes in your wallet,” said What Car? editor, Steve Huntingford.

“Almost 90% of drivers get their cars serviced at franchised dealerships during the first year of ownership, making servicing satisfaction a significant consideration when purchasing a new car.

“Honda dealers clearly understand this, because they score well in every area. And while the level of satisfaction with many brands plummets as cars age, Honda owners can expect attentive behaviour from staff and a high standard of workmanship throughout their cars’ lives.”

The What Car? survey also looks at franchised dealer servicing cars aged 0-3yrs, 4-20yrs and independent garage servicing of all all cars 0-20yrs.

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