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Why we love driving our cars

Driving enjoyment

New research has revealed the truth behind our love-affair with driving – with freedom, personal space and being in control of our own destiny topping the chart.

Top 10 reasons why driving gives Brits the feelgood factor

  1. I can get anywhere, anytime, anyhow (45%)
  2. I love being in my own space (42%)
  3. I like to be in control of my own destiny (37%)
  4. I won’t have to rely on public transport (36%)
  5. I enjoy the freedom to move at my own speed (35%)
  6. I like the open road and freedom driving provides (29%)
  7. I’m reassured that I’ve maintained my own vehicle properly (22%)
  8. My car is an extension of my personality, matching my lifestyle (21%)
  9. I love turning on music and singing (18%)
  10. I use my car as a mini office (15%)

“It’s really encouraging to see the UK is truly a nation who still have a passion and love of driving, especially as electric, autonomous cars and vans, and new forms of mobility gain importance,” said Matt Dyer of LeasePlan UK which carried out the study.

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