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Motorists are smiles better off

British motorists are covering 3.8 billion extra miles per year thanks to lower fuel costs.

The 20% fall in the price of fuel since January 2014 has left the nation’s drivers much better off, according to the study by Kwik Fit.

More than four million drivers say that lower petrol and diesel costs have resulted in them driving an average of 79 more miles each month, or 950 miles per year, while 280,000 motorists say the increase in their monthly mileage is more than 200 miles.

Kwik Fit found that when compared with their fuel costs two years ago, drivers are saving a total of £6.1 billion a year.

The average monthly saving is £16.05, though almost half a million drivers (497,000) are each saving more than £60 per month.

As well as the financial advantage, the lower prices have also given motorists greater freedom and flexibility with 10% saying that they have been able to make journeys they might otherwise have avoided.

Nearly one in 10 (8%) have been able to go on days out or driving holidays they might otherwise have avoided, while 5% say they can make longer journeys than was previously the case.

Those buying a new car have had greater flexibility, with 6% saying they have bought a car with lower fuel economy as it is more affordable to run at lower fuel costs.

However, there have been some downsides for road users in the lower fuel prices –  2% openly admitting that they drive faster.

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