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Revealed: UK’s most irritating driving habits

Tailgaters and using a mobile phone while behind the wheel drive us crazy, according to new research.

A survey for car finance provider, Zuto, found that an overwhelming 84% of drivers find other motorists using their mobile phones whilst on the road the most infuriating trait. An equal 84% of those polled also hate people driving too close to them.

The survey also looked into which elements of driving the UK finds the most difficult – with parking skills seemingly the least likely to be mastered.

14% of those polled admitted to spending only 10 minutes looking for an ‘easy’ space to park in before resorting to somewhere ‘restricted’, such as in front of a driveway, while one in 10 admit to parking within a family spot despite not having children with them.

With results like these, it’s unsurprising to note that more than 40% of UK drivers have had a parking ticket at one time or another.

Most frustrating driving habits in other drivers:

Driving too close (84%)
Using phone whilst driving (84%)
Not stopping at zebra crossing (72%)
Driving too slowly (71%)
Generally poor parking in spaces (68%)

UK’s 5 worst driving habits:

Poor parking (34%)
Not keeping to the speed limit (29%)
Keeping a safe distance from the car in front (14%)
Going too slowly (14%)
Stopping in a yellow box junction (14%)

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