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2 Most Obnoxious Road Stresses

Aggressive driving is a common phenomenon, especially nowadays that we are living the worst recession of the century. People, mainly due to the financial strain they are facing, are so stressed out about finding ways to make ends meet and dealing with job loss, among others that once they get on the highway, it is as if they are entering a combat zone.

Aggressive driving is definitely a problem that manifests itself in numerous risky and annoying ways and becomes even worse in time, considering the rising population and the increasing number of cars on the road. This leads to greater congestion, significantly shorter tempers and more aggression. That occurs because we spend more time in our vehicles, and with the endless stop-and-go traffic, it takes for ages to reach our destination. So, by the time we do arrive where we are going, we are simply reckless.

Why is this happening? Some people think that driving more aggressively will get them to their destinations faster. Apparently, this concept can’t be further from the truth. Blowing through red lights, running traffic signals, saving a couple of seconds and sending your stress levels sky-high, while risking your own life AND putting others in danger, will most likely get you into trouble, or even lead to a fatal accident. Road rage? Absolutely.

Obnoxious Road Stress Nr.2

Most of us have definitely seen a macho type punching the pedal until his foot hits the road, only to send the car speeding like crazy away from a stoplight, as if it were a rocket launching. How many wished there was something you could do to teach that guy a lesson?

Amazingly, although this behavior is highly annoying and obnoxious, showing road rage and putting other motorists in danger, you can’t tell for sure whether that driver has broken the law! Why? Because the law considers a violation only if the tires break traction with the road. In this case, the driver can be cited for driving at an unsafe speed or reckless driving.

Experts say that such behaviors show anger (or a need to just show off) and by accelerating so suddenly significantly drops the driver’s error margins. So, if a pedestrian or a child darts out in front of the speeding vehicle, there is no time to react effectively and someone will get hurt for sure.

Rage driving can get us into big trouble…but, how many of us consider ourselves rage drivers?

Well, there is only one way to find out…

Take this fun interactive Road Rage Gauge quiz, see where you stand among other motorists, tweet your score and claim a prize of £250, NOW!

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