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Top 5 Most Fashionable Cars

When researching your new car, you might find the one that’s best for your family, has the best fuel economy or has the most safety features. In your travels, you’ll encounter cars that are all about pure style. Cars that make you feel good just by the way it looks, just like a great new suit or dress does. Savvy Finance has researched top 5 most fashionable cars that’ll make you the envy of neighbours and fellow car lovers.

5. Range Rover Evoque

Even at $49,995, the Evoque is the cheapest model in the Range Rover garage but has a fashion pedigree few other cars can match. Former singer and fashionista Victoria Beckham helped launch the car in 2012. Its smooth curves and softer lines stands apart from other Range Rovers usually known to be clunky.

4. Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper embodies the hip, swinging 60s without going too retro. Its classic design is a British motoring icon. It’s small and light like a sports car but practical like a hatchback. There’s not many cars on the road that are instantly recognisable like a Mini, which gives it an artistic quality.

3. BMW 3-Series Coupe

Though quite pricey, the BMW 3-series contemporary curves lend it the look of a high-street fashion car like an Aston Martin or a Maserati. The 3-series comes alive in twilight, equipped with BMW’s “angel eyes” light rings. It’s not only a business-class car, it’s world-class.

2.  Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition

This “phantom black” beauty oozes elegance, athleticism and masculine style. It’s big enough to make a statement and sophisticated enough to be easy on the eye. The interior is a throwback to the 60s, with chunky bezels and retro clusters. A fashion car that goes heavy on style without throwing away substance.

1. Mercedes Benz A45 AMG

The AMG doesn’t drive, it graces the road with its presence. It’s one that definitely turns heads. It makes a strong statement with bold lines and the most powerful four-cylinder engine on the market. Don’t take our word for it, the AMG took out both the Top Gear Magazine Australia and Carsguide’s Car of the Year awards last year.

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