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Ready For The Close-Up

PHONEA few months ago we recommended ways to take better photos; the purpose being that if a picture paints a thousand words then a few quality snaps will improve the chances of shifting your old motor. It still holds true but, in the same way that automotive technology has moved on, so has the way we sell cars.

The world has moved onto YouTube. Every person with a smart phone now also has a channel on the video website. One enterprising car dealer has begun to shoot video’s of around one minute duration of every car he has for sale. Anyone who has enquired, or sent an email, or telephoned the showroom, gets one or more video links to facilitate selection.

This is a good idea. Salesmen like it because, essentially, the car is selling itself. The potential buyer can review the car from the comfort of home and choose to follow up. Video is also added to vehicle listings as research has shown that would-be buyers are twenty percent more likely to click on a specific vehicle listing if it has video. In addition to viewing individual cars, buyers could also be treated to a featured video which offers a specific item or service. It’s just like TV advertising really. Why should not the same idea be relevant to selling a car privately?

According to those in the know, the ideal time for video length to pitch a car to the public is between thirty seconds to two minutes apparently. Enough time to tell the story but not to long to induce boredom.

Whether or not the seller chooses to star in the movie is another matter. After all, sellers don’t want to frighten off prospective buyers; this is especially true if Mother Nature has not been as benevolent with the physical charms as she could have been. Get a stand-in if that’s the case or simply just let the car speak for itself.

Anyone can do this today. Most smartphones and almost all small stills cameras can shoot a decent quality video. As ever practice makes perfect. Sellers could even write a script to avoid those ‘er, um’ moments. Shooting stills and video makes sense as all sales bases are covered. Every picture tells a story.

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