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BMW – 100 years of manufacturing

BMW, or the Bavarian Motor Works, to give it its full title, is a famous luxury car maker, headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. BMW’s been in business for nearly 100 years, founded as they were in 1917 as a car, motorbike and engine manufacturer. They now rate as one of the most successful and desirable automotive brands.

BMW also own Rolls-Royce and the MINI brand, and as well as their own BMW car and motorbike brand, the company has seen some impressive sales of the MINI and Rolls-Royce models in recent years, too. Their stable is an impressive one, and at the moment it is going from strength to strength.

Part of the big German three that also includes Audi and Mercedes-Benz, BMW export to over 140 countries world wide and have built well over 1,000.000 MINI models in the UK. And the MINI factories look set to get even bigger as the next and new range of MINI models are planned. Rolls-Royce is also celebrating the recent launch of their new 2-door coupe model, called the Wraith, which promises to be the fastest Rolls-Royce ever built. It looks wonderful, too.

Whilst the MINI brand speaks for itself in terms of sales success and public fondness, BMW have long been making the kind of cars that earn their admiration through quiet confidence and quality of workmanship. Yes, they are relatively expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for in terms of engineering, innovation, safety and economy.

The famous 3 Series, for example, has for a very long time been near or at the top of the mid-size executive sales charts, with its blend of understated design, badge-respect and driving performance. BMW also make some of the most powerful and economical diesel engines of any of the major manufacturers, and it’s these fun yet frugal engines that are very important to the average fleet car user.

The BMW 5 Series is another one of their sales success stories; a little bigger and more expensive that the 3 Series, but still fun to drive and still a very classy car in which to pick up your client for that all important business meeting. First impressions count and the blue and white roundel badge of a BMW carries a lot of weight in the world of big business.
These 3 and 5 Series saloon cars built for business have also worked wonders in the sportscar world, with the sometimes unassuming-looking saloons, turned into snarling track weapons, at he hands of the famous-for-fast BMW M Division. The M cars are the very fastest and most expensive of all the modern range of BMW cars, and if it carries an M badge on the boot lid then you’ll know that this car is fast and luxurious. The BMW M3, for example, if one of the performance benchmarks that any car in its class is measured against. Even the greats from Audi and Mercedes would do well to pay performance respect to anything with an M badge on it.

BMW don’t just make cars, either. Their range of BMW motorbikes – built by BMW Motorad – are also up there with the very best from the rest of the world, and especially so in the adventure bike market where their sales go from strength to strength. After 100 years in the automobile industry, and with a great range of products, it looks like the next 100 years are set fair for the famous BMW badge of Bavaria.

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