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Top reasons for opting for a contract hire MINI

When you start looking for a new company car, you have plenty of choice, especially if you’re going for a contract hire deal. One model that I think is definitely worth considering is a MINI, especially if you’ll be using it for driving around a city.

Banish all thoughts of the old-school MINIs – don’t get me wrong, I fell in love with the classic design when I bought one as my first car – but unfortunately they don’t quite scream professionalism like the newer design does.

If you’re not convinced about the merits of opting for a MINI contract hire deal, here are just a few reasons why I think it’s worth considering.


There’s no denying that a large part of business is about looking the part – and you certainly won’t fail to do that if you pull up to meetings in a sleek, new MINI. They have managed to retain some of the character of the old MINIs, while seamlessly integrating all the mod-cons you’ll need for everyday use, from power steering to leather seats.

If you really want to make a statement, go for one of the Roadster or Convertible models. Just be prepared for the fact that you won’t be able to drive with the roof open much of the time thanks to the great British weather.


Now, I’m the first to admit that old MINIs aren’t what you’d call reliable – mine used to break down for a pastime – but not so with their modern counterparts. MINI is now owned by BMW (in case you didn’t know), so that gives you some indication of the kind of quality manufacturing you can expect on the auto.

The MINI’s engine is well-designed and should be problem free, as long as you treat it well and take it for its regular service. If you’re at all concerned about breaking down while en route to an important meeting, choose a car leasing company that offers a breakdown service as part of the hire cost.

Small size

This might not be a plus point for everyone, but if you need to pop in and out of busy city centres where parking is at a premium, having a small car can be a godsend. New MINIs aren’t quite as compact as their predecessors, but they can still squeeze into little spaces when you need them to.

Of course, you’ll compromise on the boot size if you opt for a small auto like a MINI, but in most models you’ll discover this can be increased if necessary by folding down the backseats. Boot space may not be an issue for you anyway, depending on the type of business you work for and what equipment you need to carry around as part of your job.

Fuel efficiency

From a business point of view, particularly if you pay mileage to your staff, fuel efficiency in any lease car is important. Depending on the model of MINI you select, you can look forward to fuel consumption of 74.3 miles per gallon (mpg) for the MINI Cooper D and MINI One D.

Even with some of the larger vehicles, like the MINI Clubman Cooper D, you can get 78.5 mpg depending on the engine fitted in your car (this figure is for the manual extra-urban model). The sporty models – like the MINI Coupe Cooper SD – aren’t entirely uneconomical either, with the 2 litre engine in this car delivering 72.4 mpg.

If you’ve been leasing a MINI for business use, tell us what you think of the car.

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