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The most pointless car gadgets EVER!

Isn’t technology great? It’s given us the iPad, GPS, Smartphones, WIFI connectivity, voice-recognition and all sorts of weird and wonderful inventions that enable us to keep our fingers on the pulse every minute of the day. And whilst the automotive industry is continually coming up with high tech gadgets for car owners to make the most of their prized possessions, there are a few that really are just plain pointless.

Take the Drivemocion for example. This battery powered LED message sign is attached to the rear window of your car so that you can express your feelings to fellow drivers without having to open your mouth or gesture frantically with your hands. But with a limited range of ‘smiley face’, ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and ‘back off’ this gadget doesn’t cover half the useful phrases you’d normally use. Plus, having to fiddle with the remote to choose which message to display means that whoever it was intended for will be long gone by the time you’ve finished fumbling!

These days we all spend much more time in our cars than we probably should so numerous gadgets have been created to help us feel more ‘at home’ on the road. But tea and coffee facilities in the car? Is this REALLY something we need? Wouldn’t you rather stretch your legs at a Wild Bean café with a cup of coffee and a hot roll, rather than staring at your in-car ‘water heating element’ whilst gagging for a brew?

Furry Dice? Enough said.

Any car gadget that can keep kids occupied on a long journey is gratefully received by car owners, but one that any frazzled mum or dad would be glad to see the back of is the In-Car Karaoke machine. Ear-splitting ‘notes’ and cheesy backing tracks are enough to make any driver head straight for the nearest wall.

In a quest to allow customers to ‘stay connected’ at all times, GM’s OnStar Facebook application enables drivers to verbally dictate a message to update their status. You can even listen to your entire newsfeed whilst driving! Has society really got to the point where we can’t even drive to the shops without having to log in to Facebook? What’s next, holographic images of your friends photos displayed on the windscreen? Does anybody else miss the days when car driving was all about the simple pleasures of, well, driving?

So if you’re planning on treating yourself to a brand new car gadget this Christmas, take a minute to stop and think – what’s the point?

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