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Range Rover Evoque Review

At the moment we are having a love affair with 4×4’s. For many years now, the Land Rover/Range Rover brand has shown its brilliance by producing an off road vehicle that blends off road might with opulent luxury. Now we have a New Land Rover to feast our eyes over – the Land Rover Evoque. This vehicle is the latest to be added to this manufacturer’s blood line.

This new vehicle is sure to wet the appetite of any car lover and no doubt people will be queuing to be the first to test drive this car. Frankfurt Motor show Land Rover showcased their extensive range, which included the much loved Range Rover Sport and the covers taken off the new Defender- the DC100 concept car. This concept is expected to replace the legendary Defender model in the near future.

range rover evoque

The Range Rover Evoque:

The Range Rover Evoque has been designed as an SVU rather than a traditional 4×4. Although this car comes equipped with a 4×4 system, many of these cars will never see anything more than some loose chipping off a freshly laid stretch of road.

This vehicle was launched with two model choices (3 and 5 doors).The design is fresh and modern and really looks the part on any driveway or car park that you wish to park it in. Sales of new Land Rovers are set to increase with this latest addition as it will not only appeal to traditional ‘Rangy’ lovers but also to those that may not have considered a Range Rover before. The vehicle also comes with three levels of trim.

This is the standard model that Land Rover builds and comes well equipped with gadgets and safety equipment.

This is the luxury version. It is this type of car that Range Rover are most famous for. The new Land Rover is clad with all that signifies this quality vehicle.

This version is the sports alternative, again this is fine example of what is possible when it comes to SVU’s.

The Celebrity Stamp

The new Range Rover was designed by Gerry McGovern, but names like Victoria Beckham have been linked with elements of the design. Range Rover are all too aware of the stiff completion from the likes of Audi and BMW, but the advantage they have over these car makers is that they are primarily an SVU/OFF road specialist, hence they have the experience and the history.

Today’s car market is now full to the brim of well built cars from all corners of the world. In this economic climate, the 4×4 market was set to have a fall as many of the vehicles produced were classed as gas guzzlers, however makers like Land Rover have responded well to this as they have started the development of Hybrid type vehicles which are viewed by many as the way forward when it comes to protecting our environment.

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