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‘Car-Crash TV’ – Celebs and their cars…

Ahh celebrities…love them or hate them; they sure do give us plenty to talk about, particularly when it comes to their outrageous taste in cars.

We’ve witnessed a £135K Bentley being spray painted pink by the likes of Paris Hilton, prestige badges replaced with the names of footballer’s girlfriends and a Lamborghini Gallardo decorated with stars and stripes courtesy of ‘Pimp my Ride’ presenter Xzibit.

But perhaps even more distressing than the sacrilegious modifications many celebs have made to their new cars, is the tangled mess they leave behind when they crash them! The last few years have seen a whole host of shunts, bangs and smashes from celebrities who go through cars faster than most people go through toothbrushes…

Rowan Atkinson proved that playing a fool for so long can often rub off after he crashed his £650K McLaren F1 supercar in August 2011, wrapping it around a tree where it promptly caught fire.

Who could forget the moment Richard Hammond nearly lost his life after a 288mph crash in a dragster? All in the name of motoring TV!

Remember Jamiroquai? Lead singer Jay hit the headlines back in 2006 when he massacred his £1million Lamborghini Diablo – one of the most expensive celebrity crashes of all time.           

Of all the new cars you wouldn’t want to crash, the Bugatti Veyron is probably the one that most springs to mind. But crash one is just what Dutch ‘feel good’ guru Emile Ratelband did when he encountered an oil slick and crashed into a pole.

Walking disaster Lindsey Lohan crashed her V12 Mercedes on Sunset Boulevard in 2007, making it her third car crash in the space of two years!

Katie Price is known for her love of horsepower so you can imagine how she felt when her Toyota 4×4 smashed into two horses while on holiday in Argentina, killing them both and leaving the jeep a write off.

One thing is for sure, celebrities and their love for the limelight are certain to keep us amused with their new car antics for years to come, so watch this space for news of baby-pink Bugattis and the like, meeting their end in a shower of debris.

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