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All About Audi A4

Audi is a brand that stands firmly alongside BMW as a manufacturer of premium quality cars.  BMW may have more edge and pizzazz, whereas Audi has an image of refinement and understated quality, if you are wanting to look at the full range of Audi’s and Bmw’s visit  The Audi A4 sums up this image.  It is a serious contender to the BMW 3-series but might appeal more to the understated motorist with an eye on quality and engineering.  Those looking for a premium saloon should take a serious look at the A4’s credentials.

The A4 is in some respects a modern classic.  It has a history and heritage as rich as the 3-series with a number of marks and models familiar to our road throughout the years.  The 3-series, like the A4, is a saloon car with sports performance.  Where Audi may have held back on performance in the past, the new A4 performs as impressively as most cars in its category.

audi a4

Typical of Audi, the new A4 is sturdy and assured on the road.  It cruises the motorways in a bubble of composure and silence.  Like many new model cars, it is a shade bigger than its predecessor.  The A4’s interior is plush and robust giving a hallmark quality finish.

Both Audi and BMW seem to have become pioneers in first class diesel engines.  With regards to the A4, the basic 2 litre diesel can deliver over 60 mpg.  These high fuel economy figures of modern premium cars are vital.  It appears that the resale value of large engine petrol models has plummeted in recent years, so the demand for frugal diesel options that don’t compromise performance has become the order of the day.

The Audi A4 is a sensible saloon that is worthy of its premium price tag.  If you’re after something of a motorway cruiser or a large family car, the A4 fits the bill.  Fuel efficient diesels mean that the large saloon market needn’t consist purely of gas guzzlers.  The Audi A4 allows you to drive a large car with minimal trips to the fuel pump and commanding performance.

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  1. I love the Audi A4, its a very confortable vehicle for long journeys, but i will say the mpg is less than desired

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