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Safety Last – Importance Of Regular Vehicle Checks

Last we wrote about the dangers of driving with the incorrect level of insurance cover.

It would appear that insurance isn’t the only area motorists are making dangerous mistakes. A recent survey by Manheim auctions has discovered that an alarming one in five motorists never check their brake fluid, one in six don’t check their brake lights are working correctly and one in nine never bother to check the tread level on their tyres.

The research also suggested that many car owners simply don’t understand the risks of running their vehicles without completing regular safety checks. A shocking 85% of participants were completely unaware of the legal tyre tread depth and one in five could not explain why brake fluid needed to be checked.

By not carrying out these regular checks motorists are not only risking the safety of themselves and other road users they are also risking points on their licence and hefty fines. Illegal tyre tread depth can result in a £2,500 fine and three points on your licence, whilst driving with four bald tyres could cost you your licence. A faulty break light is punishable with a fixed penalty of £60 and three points on your licence.

“Ignoring the most basic car safety checks is not only dangerous, it’s illegal. The police will, quite rightly, stop and fine cars with illegal tyre tread or broken brake lights. Not only will this be costly but the points on your licence will impact on your car insurance,” commented Craig Mailey, Marketing Director, Manheim Auctions.

“We’d recommend performing basic safety checks on your vehicle regularly, and especially before long journeys. If you know what you are doing, it takes minutes to check tyre pressure and tread, and if your lights are working properly. If you don’t know what you are doing, get yourself down to any reputable service centre and ask them to show you. It could prove to be a very valuable 15 minute lesson. Remember it’s not just your life you are risking but that of your family and other road users.”

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