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EV’s Made Easy

Ever been confused by all the information out there on electric vehicles (EV’s,) you won’t be alone, I for one can admit to being a little overwhelmed with all the new technology. Hybrids, full electric, plug in hybrids extended range and so on.

However there’s no need to despair. In February John Brown media the gap in the market for an innovative electric vehicle website and was born. With unbiased and uncomplicated information about electric cars is a leading resource for owners, potential buyers and anyone with an interest in EV’s.

Heading up the editorial is renowned motoring journalist Gavin Conway. This innovative site features information about the cars available, news, galleries, a handy little EV’s explained section and opinions from recognised people such as F1 Authority James Allen as he charts his own journey into the world of EV’s, as well as channel 4’s scrapheap challenge host Robert Llewellyn with his LEAF diary.

“Ten years ago, we would have launched a magazine all about EVs but today, the consumer can be best served online. There is a need for this website and so we’ll be building it into an invaluable resource for electric car buyers.” Says Andrew Hirsch CEO.

This week a 5 minute interview with Robert Llewellyn’s co-host; Lisa Rogers was posted. Lisa is a devoted green car fan, having converted her Audi A4 to run off of vegetable oil a few years back she dreams of one day owing a Tesla Roadster and a wind turbine to power it.

“ I met a guy on the Brighton to London Eco Rally who is now doing PR for Aston Martin but at the time was working for Tesla and said, “What do I have to do to get one? Any sexual favours?” He said, “No, that doesn’t work – Brad Pitt offered sexual favours to have one and I said no to him.” So I thought, well if he’s said no to Brad then I’ve got now chance! “

Being a fan of Tesla Lisa’s opinions of the top gear team are interesting to say the least, in her interview with she says, “James May seems alright – he stands out because he seems slightly embarrassed when he’s around the other two. But Clarkson… undoubtedly he is funny but he’s… well, in the write-up just say, “Rogers says ‘Clarkson is very funny, but he’s a c**t.'”

This interesting interview can be read in full at where you can also find plenty of information about electric cars, so why not head on over and check it out.

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