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Who Can Fix My Car?

Today see’s the exciting launch of a new venture from the creators of  Make and Model.  Having spent the year building a fully functional used car portal, the natural progression was into the servicing side of the motor trade.  The new site Who Can Fix My Car,   is a lead generation site which, we hope takes the pain out of getting your car fixed while increasing business for local, trusted mechanics and garages.

How it Works


1.       Post a Job – tell local mechanics and garages what you need for your car

2.       Get Quotes – quickly receive responses from local mechanics and garages

3.       Hire a Mechanic – review quotes and choose a trusted mechanic

4.       Leave Feedback – rate and review your chosen mechanic. Your feedback is important

And what’s in it for the mechanics?

Why join Who Can Fix My Car?

Well, once the site is fully functional we think these are the key reasons:

1.       Receive jobs immediately – as soon as you sign up to a package you’ll start receiving email alerts for jobs in your area.

2.       Find new customers – bid for jobs in your area and find new customers looking for a trusted mechanic or garage.

3.       Build a reputation – for every job won through Who Can Fix My Car we encourage the customer to give feedback so that you can build a strong reputation online.

4.       Quote on jobs you want – we tailor job alerts to your skills, however you get to pick and choose which jobs to quote on.

5.       Win work locally – we don’t send alerts to all mechanics and garages, just those local to the posted job, so all your work will come from local customers.

6.       Flexible, fair pricing – choose a package to suit you so that your money isn’t wasted. It’s simple and works like a mobile phone.

7.       Easy email updates – as soon as a job in your area is posted, we’ll send you an email alert.  Just log-in and see if you’d like to bid for it.

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  1. It’s a great site, very helpfull to a drivers there is like this one. I hope in my country has one like this site. Thanks for your info.

  2. Really clever idea, similar to how mybuilder works for hiring builders.

    Will hopefully send the good-mechanics a lot of work and help weed out the ones giving poor service.

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