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Mini Unveils Rocketman Concept Car

Mini have released a few strange concept cars in the past but this new one seems to top them all, and take the prize for the maddest Mini concept of all time. Arriving with glowing lights, space age doors and futuristic looks, it is more like a UFO than a car.

From the large, black, intimidating wheels to the oddly placed handle style taillights to the central, light up, stainless steel exhaust, every inch of the Mini concept’s exterior has been designed to look as if it has come from another planet (or from Tron!).

What’s more, it is just as remarkably unusual once you get inside the car. Step in through the gaping, double hinged doors and discover a futuristic world of carbon fibre, launch style buttons and strange curved lines everywhere.

However, what is perhaps most surprising about the Rocketman concept car is that it is actually more like the original Mini than any of the recent cars. Although incredibly modern, the new Rocketman concept is the smallest Mini for many years and is just 40cm longer and 50cm wider than the original Mini, plus it has the Union Jack on its roof once again (although the roof is glass).

If put into production, the Rocketman will, apparently, get 94mpg, mainly due to its super lightweight carbon body. The car will also seat 4 and will be equipped with all the latest technology from the forthcoming Megacity electric car from BMW.

The new Mini concept car is set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and if the preview photos are anything to go by, it will be stealing the spot light.

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  2. It’s so cool. I love the innovative dashboard which features a central control unit which can be taken out of the car and configured before the start of a trip

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