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Range Rover Evogue – The new Range Rover with celebrity touch

If you want to do the school run in style and safety, Rover bought in the big celebrities to promote this vehicle and Victoria Beckham can be seen revealing its virtues.  Rover have built the ultimate 4×4 coupe, SUV with the Evogue, it has the baulk and presence of a SUV, coupled with the lines and styling of a family coupe. The Range Rover Evoque stands tall giving the driver a clear view of the road ahead but has the swept back roof you associate with coupe design. 

range rover evoque
Range Rover Evoque

The car was unveiled in a ceremony to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover marque. What is known about the car as yet, which is due in showrooms next year is that is will be available with two and four wheel drive and that it is set to be an eco-leader with CO2 emissions of only 130 g/km.

Range Rover Evoque is being touted as a world car, being sold in 160 countries; it is an adaptable vehicle whether on the streets of Liverpool or the plains of Africa it will not seem out of place. The designers feel that the new Rover is aimed at making in roads into new markets with its marketing targeting women drivers and younger consumers.

Bringing Victoria Beckham on board the design team as a consultant has obviously given the Evoque added celeb appeal, Beckham said she is up for the challenge and hopes are that her fashion sense will be reflected in the cars interior styling.

The starting price for the new SUV coupe are expected to be around £35,000 for the 4×4 with the front wheel driver version costing a little less.

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